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These people are trying to start a war!

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Barbara Lee demanded that the riots all across America continue stating that President Donald Trump should be held accountable.

Lee said, “We have to work legislatively, but I have to tell you what we have to do these protests the street heat and all of the activism has got to continue because that is the only way members of Congress elected officials are going to respond. Is when the country and people say enough is enough no more murders at the hand of law enforcement.”

She continued, “This president is not worthy of the office first of all. By announcing it’s ok to shoot, you know to me is despicable. He is inciting violence. I hope that those who are out in the streets protesting remember November. Remember, we have elections. Remember that we must make sure that he is never ever elected again because we have had enough of this.”

She added, “We have a pandemic upon a pandemic. This president has been the leader of this country that has allowed black and brown people to disparately die from COVID-19 and to also continue to incite the violence that is taking place through unnecessary disregard for black lives. Black lives do matter. This president has no idea and no clue. I don’t believe he cares about black lives at all.” You can watch a clip of Lee’s remarks here.

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