Rudy Giuliani Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Democrats
Image credit: ABC 33/40

He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Rudy Giuliani slammed Democrats in NYC stating New Yorkers “are fed up.”

“The socialists who run this place don’t understand any of these things,” Giuliani said. “I think [Bill] De Blasio would like to keep it this way. Nobody’s working, people are getting paid by the government — that’s what they believe in — no grades in school.”

He continued, “The one good thing about this is these people have given us a glimpse of the future — Michigan, New York, California — of what they’re going to do if they ever govern. They’re not going to care about work. They’re not going to care about businesses. Businesses can go to hell as far as they’re concerned because you can always go on welfare. And then, they’re going to start getting authoritarian. They’re going to start bossing us around like the governor of Michigan threatens people. And even De Blasio — about a week ago he threatened people if they weren’t social-distancing … and there he was with no mask on and 200 people not social-distancing right in back of him, but they were his supporters.” You can watch a clip of Giuliani’s remarks here.

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