Governor Issues THREAT To Trump
Image Credit: New York Post

He’s got a lot of nerve to say this…

Recently New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that if President Trump were to order “something that jeopardized the health of New Yorkers,” that he would be willing to sue the President.

Cuomo stated that the President did not have the right to force states to reopen and stated that “if he tried an edict from the White House that put the people of the state of New York in jeopardy or violated what I thought was in their best interest, from a public health point of view, we would just be off to a lawsuit. And that’s the only way this really horrendous situation could get worse, is if you now see a war between the federal government and the states.”

Does Cuomo not realize that because of the crisis, the economy is slowly starting to fall? Trump is dealing with both the economy and the health of the people, and now he has to deal with Cuomo’s threat.

Watch a clip here.

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