Democratic Mayor PURPOSELY Puts People At RISK
Image Credit: Chicago Sun-Times

Why would anyone listen to her after this…

Recently, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot decided to dismiss state order of staying at home and saving lives by going to get a haircut.

Lightfoot posted a video telling Chicago residents to “Stay home, save lives” as well as adding a hashtag to her name.

However, after posting the video, a photo came up with Lightfoot and the woman claiming to have given a haircut to the mayor.

Mayor Lightfoot tried to defend the photo by saying, “I’m the public face of this city and you know, I’m a person who [takes] personal hygiene very seriously and I felt like I needed to have a haircut. So I got a haircut.”

So if she wants to go out and eat because she wants to stay healthy then she is able to disregard everything she’s been advocating to do just that. What a hypocritical democratic mayor. Read the full story here.

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