Ilhan Omar LOSES It On Air, Deals Low Blow To Trump
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She just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Ilhan Omar attacked President Donald Trump stating that he is worried about which governors are “appeasing” him rather than working for the American public.

MSNBC anchor Ari Melber asked, “I’m curious, your response to what we just heard in the briefing room. Both the president’s response, which included touting his own work, attacking some governors, mostly Democrats, talking about the return to normalcy as well as what we heard from the medical experts?”

Omar said, “It’s a huge contrast really when you get a moment to hear from the experts. You know, we were just listening to the doctors talk about how this is unprecedented that many of the pandemics that they’ve dealt with, this supersedes that. Then you hear the president sort of say this is nothing, like the flu. You know this is nothing more than the flu. Many more people die every year from the flu. So that kind of contrast really is quite alarming. It sort of shows you how much this president really isn’t taking the time to hear what the experts are telling him and isn’t being honest with the public.”

She continued, “I recently read In the 1918 flu pandemic, one of the greatest lessons that was learned is you have to tell the truth. The public needs to know what is actually happening and how best they should prepare themselves to be able to safeguard their lives and livelihoods.”

She added, “When we have a president who can not really stay honest for a moment without worrying about who is appeasing him, who is talking about the great work he’s doing and not just doing the work of the American people he was elected to serve really is dangerous and irresponsible.” You can watch a clip of Omar’s remarks here.

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