New York Times CAUGHT Doing THIS To Trump
Image Credit: The Wrap

Liberals have no shame…

Several New York Times authors have been caught sharing a “deceptively edited quote … from President Donald Trump’s recent call with state governors.” They created a “false impression that the president is denying federal support for ventilators that are needed in hospitals treating coronavirus patients.”

Trump said in his message that he recommended the states make their own respirators and ventilators because “it would be faster.” But he also said that the federal government would be “backing” them.

The authors decided to leave out the statement of Trump saying the federal government will be backing states and tweeted out:

When asked about cutting out the “backing” part, the author said:

“because the second part of the quote repeats the first part, twice.”

Liberal media is out to take advantage of the current situation and bash Trump as much as they can. It’s outrageous how low they are willing to go. Read the rest of the article here.

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