Trump Jr. EXPOSES Major Leftist SCHEME
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Here’s what he said.

According to CNS News, President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., exposed social media giants for censoring conservatives on their sites.

Trump Jr. started off by addressing liberal disbelief stating, “Well, it’s not real – if you’re a leftist, because it doesn’t happen to them.”

“If you’re pro-life, if you’re pro-2A, if you’re pro-religious liberty and you say any of those things, you’ve seen it,” he said.

“Many conservatives have not even realized that, with our base across the country, this is probably a top-three issue, but we were so trapped in sort of the ‘Well, it’s free market’ – well, it’s not free market. It’s not free market because they’re getting so many benefits and protection from liability from federal government that they cannot discriminate the way they have so flagrantly against anyone on our side.” You can read the full article here.

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