Trump Lawyer TEARS Into Pelosi, Leaves Her SPEECHLESS
Image credit: ABC

It was about time she got put in her place.

According to Fox News, Rep. Doug Collins, who is a member of President Donald Trump’s defense team, stated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “needs to take a vacation” and “go clear her head.”

“She needs to get over the disaster that she put the country through last year,” Collins said.

“The president was put on trial in the Senate, maybe she slept through it, I’m not sure. There was a trial and the senators said he did nothing wrong. They acquitted him and put this thing forward.”

“We need to put this nightmare to bed,” he added. “She needs to quit going on TV and saying, ‘He’s impeached and tarnished forever’ because it’s not true. The only thing [that] is true is she’s making everything political about this president and the 2020 election.” You can read the full article here.

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