Mike Pence BREAKS Silence On Pelosi, Leaves Her SPEECHLESS
Image credit: Fox News

He’s not messing around.

According to the Daily Caller, Vice President Mike Pence put House speaker Nancy Pelosi on blast calling her decision to tear up the president’s speech “a new low.”

Pence made his remarks on Fox News channel’s “Fox & Friends” and said that he did not actually see her tear up the speech as he was focused on President Trump at the time and learned about it a few moments after it had happened.

“I did not see her do it,” Pence said. “I found out a few moments later and I think it was a new low. I was not sure if she was ripping up the speech or ripping up the Constitution.”

He continued, “It is clear the contrast here was president who spent an hour and a half making a speech about America — and Nancy Pelosi, in the final moments, tried to make it about her and I think the American people see through it and see through the pettiness, they see through the politics of all of it and I think what they got last night was a speech that lifted up the country that celebrated the incredible progress that we’ve made in our economy, rebuilding our military, strengthening our courts.” You can read the full article here.

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