CNN Host Forced To Admit THIS, Liberals STUNNED
Image credit: Newsweek

They can’t believe it.

According to the Daily Caller, CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reacted on air to the Senate vote against calling additional witnesses by declaring that President Donald Trump “won.”

Trump won,” said Toobin. “He’s going to win this trial. He won on the issue of witnesses. He’s going to get acquitted, and that’s how history will remember what went on here.”

“I think history will also record that there are at least one, and perhaps other, pivotal, pivotal witnesses who were available to the House of Representatives, to the Senate to talk about the precise issue that is the subject of this impeachment trial, and the Senate decided not to hear from them,” Toobin lamented.

He continued, “The idea that John Bolton is out there with a book and giving speeches for money and said he’s willing, and having someone leaking the contents of that book daily to the New York Times, and the Senate decided not to hear from John Bolton is just an absolute travesty.” You can read the full article here.

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