Adam Schiff Just Exposed HIMSELF?
Image Credit: Variety

He messed up…

Adam Schiff may have just revealed that he was the anonymous source used by Washington Post to report the allegations leading to the impeachment of the President. While presenting his opening arguments Schiff cited an article that was written by the Washington Post which caught attention because it was “an odd reference in a presentation of factual evidence.” 

What’s more fishy is that “Schiff did not explain why he would treat an opinion article as “fact.” Editorials are not typically reliable sources of original reporting.” So because of that “the most logical explanation is that Schiff considered the article ‘factual’ because he himself was the source.”

So now there are three questions to ask: Was Schiff the anonymous source for the Post? If so, why didn’t he disclose his role as a fact witness to the Senate? And if so, why is he leading the case against the president?” Read the rest of the story here.

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