Trump’s Message From God
Image Credit: Newsweek

Nothing can stop Trump now…

Trump’s re-election is vitally important to Christians, and CEO of Charisma News Stephen Strang is making sure everyone knows why. Trump has recently signed an executive order to expand “Constitutional prayer” in public schools and Strang said, “The joke is as long as there’s exams, there’ll be prayer in schools. It’s their constitutional right. We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and there’s been a hostile view of religion in our culture and evangelical Christians have felt this and Donald Trump is doing some things to reverse that and we appreciate it.”

Strang has said that he believes Christians have had enough of anti-Christian culture and wanted a leader to help fight against the culture. Though Trump was probably not who they thought of, he “has become a champion of religious liberty.”

“Who would’ve thought that a New York billionaire that is a TV celebrity would become a champion of religious rights or become president of the United States?… I think he’s been a great leader but he doesn’t get much credit for it.”

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