CNN RABID After Trump Destroys Pelosi And Schumer
Image Credit: Newsweek

Another win for Trump…

Trump recently retweeted a hilarious image mocking Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer drawing the attention of liberal CNN. 

CNN described the image as “an attack on Muslims and other religious minorities.” A CNN host said that the president, “has been known to retweet doctored and fake content” and then introduced Maysoon Zayid, who in turn accused Trump for “inciting violence” along with feeling “unsafe in this country” because of the image.

Zayid said on CNN, “It is exhausting to wake up as a Muslim person in America and know that literally the most powerful man in the world is bullying and mocking Muslims.” Trump is stating how it is and liberals are getting enraged by the truth and it’s amusing.

 Read the rest of the story here.

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