Trey Gowdy TEARS Into Democrats’ Impeachment, Leaves Them STUNNED
Image credit: Washington Times

They don’t know what hit them.

According to The Daily Wire, former South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy dismantled Democrats’ impeachment case against President Donald Trump during an interview on Fox News.

“Getting serious here, are you going to represent President Trump coming into 2020?” Jason Chaffetz asked.

“No, the president has got great lawyers and more importantly than having great lawyers, he’s got great facts,” Gowdy responded. “I think for several months we’ve been talking about the process and how fundamentally flawed it’s been. Imagine being investigated by somebody like Adam Schiff, that’s the process. But Jason, I focus on the substance. The single best piece of evidence for the president is the transcript itself. You know because you are familiar with the transcript.”

“Who brought up Rudy Giuliani’s name? Was President Trump or President Zelensky? It was President Zelensky, that’s who introduced Rudy Giuliani into the conversation,” Gowdy added. 

“The only thing President Trump did is he inserted Bill Barr and if it’s an impeachable offense to ask the attorney general, the top law enforcement officials of the country, to look in to potential impropriety, if that’s an impeachable offense, then we’re not going to have presidents serving very long.” You can read the full article here.

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