Trump SPITS On PC Culture After Protester Gets Rowdy
Image credit: Business Insider

He is fed up and something needs to be said…

Recently at the Trump campaign rally in Pennsylvania, a woman wearing a #MeToo hat and a t-shirt with a middle finger on it decided to wave around a sign with the middle finger and the words “GRABBING POWER BACK” on it.

She snuck into an empty pen and started waving the sign around erratically prompting the crowd to start yelling and jeering at her. 

Trump decided that the racket was too much and told security to escort the woman out of the rally, but while doing so the security guard is seen waving his hands around as to not touch the woman which made Trump say, “I’ll tell you, law enforcement’s so great. That particular guy wanted to be so politically correct.” 

“We don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t know who he was. He didn’t do the greatest job.” 
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