Liberal SNOWFLAKES Give Democrats BAD News
Image credit: Newsweek

They weren’t expecting this…

Leftist students at the University of Minnesota attending a Bernie Sanders rally were unable to name a single accomplishment by congressional Democrats.

A reporter for the College Fix attended a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) rally at the University of Minnesota to ask leftist college students if they could name a Democratic accomplishment.

Most of the students were unable to name a single accomplishment.

“Over the last three years, what is one thing the Democratic party has accomplished?” reporter Kyle Hooten asked leftist students.

“I guess they have taken back the house but, I mean, they are not that good at using their authority or their power,” one student said.

“I felt they haven’t really done much over three years but that might have been because Trump has been in office,” one student said.

“I would say Bernie Sanders igniting his passion in people,” one student said. When Hooten pressed the student for a “tangible accomplishment,” the student had nothing to say.

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