Ilhan Omar Deals DEVASTATING BLOW To Husband And Kids
Image Credit: Star Tribune

She has ruined everything…

Rep. Ilhan Omar legally separated from her Minnesota husband just a month after she filed a motion claiming their relationship had an “irretrievable breakdown.”

After January 2018, Omar and Ahmed Hirsi were engaged, but they were long-time partners beforehand. Omar says that her three children’s father is Hirsi.

The marriage ended Tuesday after the filing of papers by court staff. The divorce came months after a woman from Washington, D.C., accused the Democratic congresswoman of having an affair with her husband.

When Omar was questioned if she was separated from Hirsi or dating someone, she said to WCCO-TV, “No, I am not.” She has since refused to talk about her personal life.

Omar’s lawyer, Jaime Driggs, claims she and Hirsi have come to a resolution for their children’s sake.

Hirsi’s lawyer did not respond to a comment request.

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