Elizabeth Warren SPITS In The Face Of All American Citizens
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This shows once and for all that she is not fit for presidency…

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a leading presidential Democrat candidate in 2020, vows to “fight” for back pay for illegal aliens.

As part of Warren’s “Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages” program, by amending the National Labor Relations Act, illegal aliens who have served unlawfully in the U.S .— sometimes by taking American names and social security numbers — would be liable for compensation from their previous work.

Warren writes:

Ensuring employers can’t exploit undocumented workers and drive down standards for all workers: The 2002 Supreme Court case Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB held that an undocumented worker could not receive the backpay he was owed from an employer who had violated the NLRA. That 5–4 ruling is wrong and denies millions of undocumented workers redress for illegal firings or other retaliatory conduct by an employer. The case encourages employers to hire undocumented immigrants and exploit them in numerous fields, including construction and manufacturing, which could lower wages for all workers. I will fight to amend the NLRA to end this form of exploitation and ensure that all workers are protected. [Emphasis added]

Through her agenda of populist economic nationalism, Warren has contributed to driving up foreign competition in the U.S. labor market against America’s working and middle class by granting citizenship for 11 to 22 million illegal aliens, rising current legal immigration levels, and decriminalizing illegal immigration.

Absent from Warren’s immigrant initiative is a requirement and penalty for companies and corporations recruiting illegal aliens over American citizens, as well as a restructuring of the H-1B visa program whereby Americans are readily replaced with international visa workers in order to increase profit margins for corporations.

Warren has not supported compulsory E-Verify — a program that prohibits employers from recruiting illegal aliens over Americans — even though it would reduce foreign competition against Americans, especially those most vulnerable to competition on the labor market against illegal aliens.

In contrast to Warren is President Trump’s populist-nationalist “Buy American, Hire American” agenda, which has sought to increase interior immigration enforcement to tighten the labor market and delivered wage hikes for America’s blue-collar and working class. Unlike Warren, Trump’s latest national immigration plan includes a nationwide mandate of E-Verify to prevent Americans from being forced to compete for jobs against illegal aliens.

There are currently at least eight million illegal aliens in the U.S. economy taking American jobs that would otherwise have gone to American workers or legal immigrants. In most cases, in order to take jobs, these illegal workers acquire fake work authorization papers and rob identities of American citizens.

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