Ilhan Omar SLIPS, Admits Why She ACTUALLY Ran For Government
Image Credit: Fox News

Her little confession could cost her EVERYTHING…

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) disclosed previously in September that helping pass legislation to eliminate her own student debt burden was a significant reason she chose to run for Congress.

“I am one of 45 million [Americans who owe student debt] and it has been part of my journey and one of the reasons that drove me to run for office,” Omar admitted while making a guest appearance on a BET News Town Hall. “I also have a daughter — not only do I have student debt, but I have a daughter that is going to college in two years and so the realness of this burden that we all feel shackled with has been real for me.”

Earlier this year, in June, Omar introduced legislation that would cancel exceptional federal and private student loans in the amount of $1.6 trillion in student debt. If passed, the Student Debt Cancellation Act of 2019 is estimated to cost taxpayers $2.2 trillion over a decade.

“As someone who is part of the debt generation, I wanted to make sure that we were creating a proposal that would alleviate the kind of stress that people are dealing with, so what we are proposing is a simple cancellation of all debt, public and private,” Omar spoke about the proposed legislation. She continued to add that by adding “a tiny financial transaction to Wall Street speculators,” the program would be paid for.

“We believe that we had the opportunity to bail out Wall Street,” she added. “And now Wall Street gets the opportunity to bail out the American people.”

According to Congressional filings, Omar, who received a bachelor’s degree from North Dakota State University in 2011, owes between $15,001 and $50,000 in student loans. Interestingly, although after being elected to Congress, her salaries grew to $174,000, she has not yet paid off the debt.

“I am one of the people who are unable to purchase the home that they wanted to,” Omar confessed at the town hall. “I am one of the people that are putting off the right, the dream to own that business, to create the kind of investment they want in the future that they want to have.”

Despite the five-figure debt of the Minnesota congresswoman, she allegedly relocated to a luxury penthouse apartment in one of the most trendy districts in Minneapolis since she increased her paycheck, according to The Daily Mail. Her apartment is reported to cost more than $2,800 a month, and the three-bedroom unit contains a “moving granite island, built-in wine rack, and high-end kitchen stainless steel pot racks.”

“This idea that we are supposed to get an education to jump start a life and have a pathway to success has not been one that has been guaranteed to most of us,” Omar continued. “That comes with lots of stress and so for my family, for my husband, it has been a real challenge to look at how much we’re bringing in — before getting to Congress — and to see the amount of money that we have to write to pay off our student loan debt every single month.”

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