Lindsey Graham Ready To Go To WAR for THIS
Image Credit: The Atlantic

This is jaw dropping….

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) suggests an attack on Iran’s oil refineries in order to “break the regime’s back.” But Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) suggests  “there’s no reason the superpower of the United States needs to be getting into bombing mainland Iran.”

After a drone attack on Saudi oil fields wiped off half of the kingdom’s oil manufacturing, both men shared their views.

Houthi rebels aligned with Iran took credit for the assault, but Trump and others are squarely blaming Iran. Saudi defenses that would have identified traditional bombers were pierced by the bomb-laden drones.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tweeted, “It is now time for the U.S. to put on the table an attack on Iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocations or increase nuclear enrichment.”

“Iran will not stop their misbehavior until the consequences become more real, like attacking their refineries, which will break the regime’s back.”

But the opposite view was taken by Sen. Rand Paul:

“I think an escalation of the war would be a big mistake,” Paul explained to CNN’s “State of the Union” Jake Tapper.

This all comes from the Yemeni civil war, where Saudi Arabia is heavily involved in another country, indiscriminately bombing civilians, killing children. And the Houthis are supported by the Iranians. So it’s back and forth.

But, really, the answer is trying to have a negotiated cease-fire and peace in Yemen. And bombing Iran won’t do that.

So, really, the Saudis and their allies dwarf the spending of Iran. And this is a regional conflict, that there’s no reason the superpower of the United States needs to be getting into bombing mainland Iran.

It would be a needless escalation of this. And those who loved the Iraq War, the Cheneys, the Boltons, the Kristols, they all are clamoring and champing at the bit for another war in Iran.

But it’s not a walk in the park. And you have to tell that to the 4,000 or so soldiers who died in Iraq, that, you know, are we going to send more to their deaths in Iran for something that, in the end, when you topple these regimes, you get more chaos and more terrorism, not less?

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