FURIOUS CNN Host Attacks Rand Paul Over THIS
Image credit: Washington Times

This is how corrupt the left is…

On CNN’s “Right Now,” anchor Brianna Keilar asked Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) if he and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) were in a “butt-kissing” contest to gain the favor of President Donald Trump.

Paul said, “I guess the problem of the Cheneys, both Dick and Liz are Never Trumpers. They hate President Trump’s foreign policy. They want to stay in Afghanistan forever. They’re apologizing for John Bolton. They love John Bolton. So really, they’re part of this foreign policy swamp that has been trying to undermine President Trump.”

He continued, “So people of Wyoming and people of the United States need to know that the Cheneys are never Trumpers. ”

He added, “So the main aspects of President Trump’s America First foreign policy—the Cheneys are dead set against it. They are Never Trumpers.”

Keilar said, “When I look at these tweets, you’re tagging Donald Trump in them, both of you … Do you worry this is devolving a bit into this butt-kissing contest that’s a little unbecoming of two members of Congress?”

Paul replied, “I think these are very important things. Should we stay in Afghanistan forever? That’s a very important debate for the country. It’s also an important debate for the Republican Party. I campaign all across Kentucky. In fact, I campaigned all across the country saying the $50 billion a year we’re spending in Afghanistan is throwing money down a rat hole.”

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