Failed Democrat Candidate Tries Gunning For Senate
Image Credit: Washington Post

This won’t go well…

Failed Congressional Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff announced on Monday that he is launching a bid to challenge incumbent Sen. David Perdue for his senate seat in 2020.

Ossoff said in an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he would officially kick off his bid on Tuesday and vowed to “mount a ruthless assault on corruption in our political system.”

“We have squandered trillions on endless war. We have squandered trillions on bailouts for failed banks. We have squandered trillions on tax cuts for wealthy donors. Then we’re told there’s nothing left over for the people,” the 32-year-old told the newspaper. “The corruption must be rooted out. And Sen. David Perdue is a caricature of Washington corruption.”

In Monday night’s appearance on MSNBC’s The Last Word, Ossoff also cited Congress not taking up gun control legislation and political influence at scientific institutions as examples of corruption.

Ossoff said he’s going to work to grow his fans network that helped him earn about $30 million in a 2017 special election that he lost to Republican Karen Handel by about four points in the 6th Congressional District of Georgia.

National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Nathan Brand called Ossoff an “unaccomplished, far-left candidate” in a statement.

Perdue’s isn’t the only position that Ossoff could have run for in the Georgia Senate. A special election will also be on the November 2020 ballot to complete the remaining two years of Sen. Johnny Isakson’s tenure, after Isakson announced his resignation late last month owing to health problems.

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