Lindsey Graham Sends CHILLING Message To China
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He left them shaking in their boots…

On Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told host Martha MacCallum the United States had a good hand when it came to engaging China.

Graham downplayed market jitters and encouraged President Donald Trump to “play it out.”

“The goal is to get China to stop cheating the United States out of market share, to play by the rules that everybody else in the world plays by,” he said. “When it comes to a trade war, we’ve got more bullets than they do, so I think the president is determined to get China to change their behavior and I’m 100 percent with him.”

  1. The elitist neo-nazis are like the boy who cried wolf on everything Trump does. The fact is the Commies keep devaluing their money and it is already to the point that it’s hurting their economy a whole lot more than ours is. Two sets of scumbags that are both going to be hurting when Trump wins, the Democrooks and the Commies, the real winner Will be the American people.

  2. As for ME, I think it’s about time the American people AND the Republican Party supported their President 100% with NO exceptions from Party members. He, President Trump , has fulfilled NEARLY ALL his campaign promises and has done an excellent job of earning back the respect that was lost over the last eight years of a Democrat President Barack Obama. President Trump is an excellent negotiator and is making good headway which will help us get out of the mess Obama turned over to him. It is easily comprehended that the future of our country will soon be bright again and even better that ever before, under a REPUBLICAN leadership in both HOUSES of CONGRESS and the PRESIDENCY. Presently, the HOUSE, being under Democrat majority. is trying to lead America into a SOCIALIST NATION which is WRONG for US and has been proven time after time to be a FAILURE and the DEMOCRATS have chosen this path for AMERICA. May GOD BLESS our great NATION, NOW and FOREVER.

  3. I am afraid the Democrat Party hates Trump more than our enemies. I believe it is the first time in our history a Party has been so hateful, they would like to see China win and the country go into a recession or a depression. It just shows you they are interested in one thing and they will do anything to get it. The one thing that is above doing the right thing for the people of this country is POWER and destroy Trump and the Republican Party.

    1. Bill on three different occasions Nixon was winning the Vietnam war and the Democratic Congress passed legislation to stop him every time. And fifty some thousand Americans died for nothing because the Democrooks couldn’t let a Republican president win a war they (Kennedy) started, then screwed up when he had their president killed because he wouldn’t do what Kennedy told him to do. That’s why Nixon was invited to China because he was winning the Vietnam war and as suppliers to the VC, they figured they were going to have to deal with him. A Democratic Congress passed a law stopping him from bombing the supplies the Commies were sending, and the Chinese laughed at us. They have no shame.

  4. The path the democrats are trying to take the nation is a dead end cul de sac. Once we get blocked in there is no return route You don’t have to be a democrat or republican to see where this socialist business would take America. Pure logical thinking and a small amount of world history provides the answer. I can honestly say I was never a “fan” of the then citizen civilian Donald Trump. But the man took the reins and has made great strides. If the democrats had given just a little cooperation we would be well ahead now. I feel confident that President Trump will win 2020. But if the voters don’t get it together and clean up that congress we will still be fighting this socialist mess the next four years.

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