2020 Democrat PRAISES Fake News
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This is how far the left has fallen…

Presidential candidate Julian Castro (D) praised news organizations for calling Trump a “racist,” saying he believes news outlets must “call a spade a spade.”

“I applaud news organizations that have recognized the need to call a spade and spade and use the word racist,” Castro told BuzzFeed. “I believe he is.”

Castro also said “in some ways, journalism in the Trump era is more challenging than ever” and urged establishment outlets “to stay focused on newsworthiness and not to let a fascination with oddity, or simple timeliness, overtake news judgement about what’s important for readers.”

“The fact that the president just went back on his word to do universal background checks should be front page and these other moves by Trump are likely designed to distract from that,” he continued.

  1. Julian Asstro himself is a racist as he seeks to allow illegal immigrants to come to an America with open borders. With Communist Democraps like him, even if he WAS right about Trump (which he is NOT), the label of “racist” means very little these days. The Demwits have only themselves to thank for that, as they have completely overused the term and have turned it into an all-purpose insult towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them and can easily overpower them in a fair debate.

  2. To be a racist you have to make a slur on someone’s ethic background something The President has never done. So if the elitist neo-nazis Asstro is calling Trump one when he ain’t, then he is either too stupid to understand the meanings of words or he is the racist dick and a Lying scumbag. He should be spit on in public and driven back into the sewer he crawled out of.

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