Reagan Goes On MSNBC, Slanders Trump
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He just made a big mistake…

On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Ron Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, called President Donald Trump a “sociopath” who did not “belong in this office.”

Reagan said, “Look, the economy may be heading into a recession. That puts pressure on a president. Well, you know what Truman said about heat and kitchens. The presidency is full of pressure. If this is enough to push him over the edge, really, let me state the obvious, he does not belong in this office.”

He continued, “This is completely crazy, of course, buying Greenland like it’s chunk of Manhattan real estate or something you can pick up for a song. But this, you know, every time I come on the show when I get back from Europe, we have a discussion about how crazy Donald Trump has been while I have been gone. I think it’s about time we acknowledge he’s been crazy because he is crazy. And it’s just going to keep going.”

He added,”People are going to get exhausted by him. And this is, you know, a sociopath like Trump, this is one of their secret weapons. They’re crazy 24/7. They’re working it all the time because it’s who they are but for everybody else who just wants to have a life and kind of live, go to dinner and enjoy themselves, it becomes just incredibly exhausting to keep up with this 24/7.”

  1. Ronald Reagan’s son has ridden his father’s coat tails long enough! What does he know about anything?
    He will say anything that will net him a dollar.
    Sham on him for tarnishing his father’s good name.

  2. Sounds like Reagan isn’t as strong as he pretends to be. “…..everybody else who just wants to have a life and kind of live, go to dinner and enjoy themselves…….” What he is missing is Pres. Trump is working to ENSURE these rights; he might try looking at the threats and subversive people who are trying to destroy our freedom and safety.

  3. It appears to me that this young dumb ass Reagan is the sociopath! Everything he states is a lie go against everything that the President is trying to do. The things that he and the radical democrats say that the President is doing are the very things they are doing. They cannot handle the truth.

  4. When this global Elitist fascist comes back from Europe hanging with all his neo-nazi buddies, then he thinks we peons should take everything he says as a fact. What an ego-tripping A-hole !!!! Well I ain’t that stupid, so maybe he should tell me where he got his Psych degree. What qualifies this jerk-wad to make any judgement on another’s mental health. He should be looking at his own ego-tripping dementia. Shit-for-brain like him really piss me off.

  5. If I remember correctly, he was also against another great president and REPUBLICAN, his own father, Ronald Reagan, who is also compared to another great President, John F. Kennedy, (who btw, was assassinated under the authority of leading member’s of his own DEMOCRAT PARTY). I bring this up, because I, a REPUBLICAN, agree with 100%. I, unlike the DEMOCRAT’S, give credit where credit is due. In fact, both Democrat President’s Kennedy and Clinton, worked WITH the REPUBLICAN’S and did do a good job for their fellow AMERICAN’s Our present great President, President Donald Trump, is doing an excellent job for AMERICA in spite of the fact that DEMOCRATS are doing the opposite and have declared they will fight ANYTHING this President tries to do and have been truthful to their threat from day one of his Presidency. They have also HARASSED him from day one. In MY view, they deserve to lose and lose BIG in 2020, including all offices in both HOUSE’S of CONGRESS.

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