Pete Buttigieg Tries To Slander Trump With THIS Issue
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What was he thinking…

Mayor Pete Buttigieg released a plan to combat addiction, mental health, and loneliness, but he warned that the president himself was part of the cause.

“I think that when you have national leadership pitting people against each other, telling some people that they don’t belong, and creating a general atmosphere of general chaos and just plain meanness, then of course stress levels go up,” he said in an interview. “And I think stress is a big part of what goes into health. So we can’t pretend there’s no health consequences to what’s going on in the White House.”

Buttigieg warned of an overall mental health crisis in America.

“This crisis of pain and despair is not one unique to whiteness; it is one that is distinctly American,” he wrote in a statement after releasing his plan.

“It matters to me as a member of the LGTBQ community knowing how many LBTBQ people and youth, in particular, are exposed to mental health challenges just because who they are,” he said in a video promoting his plan.

  1. The only people pitting anyone against anyone is Mr Buttapeg’s party with their vile and vulgar lies about anybody that doesn’t kiss their butts. The only stress being caused is by their constant obstruction of what’s best for America, and the fact that his party and their propaganda media outlets keep talking to us like we’re stupid enough to believe the rhetorical lying bullshit they keep feeding us. And the only mental problem that needs to be addressed is their out of control egos and exactly at what point in their dementia do they become a danger to the American people and Democracy.

  2. I agree with The Nev completely! The liberal, radical Democrats are the ones that are creating the division. They keep espousing lies and irrational bullshit. Their main goal is to go against the President in everything he tries to accomplish. They do not want to come together try to solve anything in a rational manner. They themselves do not have the first policy agenda that makes any sense at all. They just want to obstruct.

  3. ““I think that when you have national leadership pitting people against each other, telling some people that they don’t belong, and creating a general atmosphere of general chaos and just plain meanness, ….”
    What was he thinking? He resfuses to think.

    1. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, you are just showing the failure of our educational system. Trump (I know you are forbidden to say his name) just tells these punks to take a look at themselves after they continually try to spread vile obnoxious rhetorical lies about the man. You apparently fall for all that bullshit. I wish you luck with your ability to tell the truth from the bullshit.

  4. I wish they would have just posted the trascript of the cute little weenie licker’s proposal, I can usually put up with the stupid and degenerate comments of most perverts, but I cannot stand the sight of that pasty-face, limp-wristed little twat.

  5. If you really want to talk about dividing the country, it is the main strategy of the Socialist?Communist Party (there is no Democrat party any more). O set racism back decades with his own divisiveness. He went to the “hate America” church for many years and he dismissed crimes committed by blacks. Not to mention all his knee jerk reactions to every issue where race with involved.

  6. Poor little snowflake Butterbuttig seems to be experiencing mental distress. Perhaps he is not up to the major leagues in politics, maybe he is just a super-sensitive guy who is in so over over his head that he can’t see the daylight. Maybe he really thinks he is Presidential material. Butterbuttig, you are not ready, you are not going to be President. You better stick with your day job that you have now and prove that you have some leadership.

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