Democrat LOSES IT On MSNBC, Slanders Trump
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She just made a big mistake…

On MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) leveled the charge against the Trump administration claiming some within it “sit around” and think up “new ways to be cruel” to migrants.

The Hawaii Democrat made that claim when asked about a facility om Dilley, TX.

“These families should not be detained, and that’s the bottom line,” Hirono said. “And so we’re not contemplating thousands and thousands of migrant families being detained, doing irreparable harm to little children. When I was in Dilley, you know, we can’t forget seeing was there, a little boy just silently crying. Heaven knows what was going through his mind, but not good.”

“And so there are alternatives, as I keep mentioning,” she continued. “And I did have a shadow hearing what happens in these facilities and what happens to the children. Clearly, they are harmed irreparably. Our country should not be imposing this kind of cruelty on children. But I think that the Trump administration, people sit around every single day thinking up new ways to be cruel to these migrants. That’s what they do. And tomorrow, they will probably come up with something else.”

  1. While the elitist neo-nazis fascist in the Democratic party just keep coming up with new ways to screw the American people. If you bastards would get up off your whining butts and do the job you were elected to do we wouldn’t have problems like this anyway. The fault lies squarely on the obstructionist Democratic party. So you cause the problems and then try to blame it on someone else, what pigs !!!!!!

  2. OK, OK
    How about we give them brand new inner tubes and let them cross the river back into Mexico. Would that make everyone happy?

  3. Hirono is nothing more than a grandstander. Clearly she is looking to be entered into the Guinness book of records – for her stupidity.
    Box up all the migrants and send then to Hawaii.

  4. Maybe he was crying because his parents made him make this horrendous trip across the Country to break American Laws!! And BTW they are free to leave the detention facility and go home at any time they are NOT being Forced to stay here. This is NOT a Hotel it is a DETENTION FACILITY!!!

  5. Hirono, I’m coming for your job! ANYONE IN THE WORLD COULD DO A BETTER JOB YOU HATEFUL, SPITEFUL BITCH!!! You still holding sex from your spouse like you suggested to the women of the world? Guess what…NO ONE LISTENED THEN, AND NO ONE IS LISTENING NOW TO YOUR UNEDUCATED UGLY, AND I MEAN BUTT UGLY ASS! NASTY, NASTY THING!!!!

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