CNN Host Attempts To Attack Trump, FAILS MISERABLY
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What was she thinking?

CNN commentator and avid Never-Trumper Ana Navarro on Thursday ripped President Donald Trump, calling him the United States under his leadership an international “laughingstock.”

Navarro called Trump crazy in Spanish and said what is going on in the country is “beyond not being normal.”

“I just came back from 17 days abroad,” Navarro told CNN’s “New Day.” “We are the laughing stock internationally. You can’t go anywhere without people saying, ‘What is wrong with Trump? What is wrong with America? Have Americans lost their mind that they have this president?’ I mean, this — this fight with Denmark, an ally, over buying Greenland — this is insane.”

Navarro then switched to speaking Spanish, saying, “El presidente de los estados unidos está loco. President loco,” which translates to: “The president of the United States is crazy. Crazy president.”

  1. The Lying Whore is telling stories that she knows can’t be checked for truth, so she lies her ass off. What a PIG !!!! If they are saying anything they saying good luck with those elitist snob neo-nazis, that is unless you’re talking to the global elitist neo-nazis fascist scum. Trump stands up for the American citizens. MAGA

  2. You know, she must think we are all as STUPID as her bitch ass!!! Not by a long shot ho! You will lose your job for that!!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!!!! Adios!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

  3. Apparently Ana Navarro never studied history. Harry Truman, one of our greatest Presidents wanted to buy Greenland. Others since Truman have entertained buying Greenland. It is a drain on Denmark, is strategically located, and has a multitude of natural resources. And most of all, China is getting involved in Greenland.

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