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Is this what the left stands for?

A gang of Antifa thugs struck again as the Proud Boys marched in Portland, Oregon and journalists were there to document it.

Videos have emerged of Antifa’s activities in Portland, Oregon, an elderly man is maced and beaten unconscious as crowd of Antifa surrounds him.

journalist Elijah Schaffer captured a group of Antifa protesters attacking a man with a hammer.“BREAKING. Antifa has major CLASH with Proud Boys on Portland bridge in traffic,” he said in a tweet.“A serious assault took place on PB’s after they busted the door of the bus, they also threw a metal hammer at them. I also got pepper sprayed in the face with many others. Sorry for language,” he said.

  1. I do not see any police there, if they refuse to protect the people then it would only be right for a malitia group to do it. In this country we do not abandon our people and let creeps like Antifa to assault them.

  2. This is what the SS Democrat Nazi Party created in our country,it’s the same thing that HITLER had done in Germany against his own people.What these SS DemoRATS are doing is really called TRANNY against WE THE PEOPLE like it says in our 2nd Amendment Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State meaning any part of our Government that tries to commit Tranny that WE THE PEOPLE can fight back against the Traitors in our Government.Like it says in our 2nd Amendment to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon the people.

    1. YES MARY!!!!!
      Those COWARDS love to terrorize Americans who won’t fight back!
      Chris (FREDO) Cuomo defends them along with the DEMIs all the time!
      Come down South and we will take off your MASK and Black ( SISSY) Outfits and send you home naked!
      YOU ALL LIKE VIOLENCE and we will teach you all retaliation!
      YOU HEAR!

  3. After they got away with the same bullshit in Hendersonville NC, the elitist neo-nazis organized it in Portland. It is the government’s job to protect it’s law abiding citizens and if they don’t do their job they such have the shit sued out of them. The problem maybe finding a lawyer out there that isn’t a liberal Nazi scumbag, then they should call for help from the FBI and the federal government. Everyone of these chicken-shit fascist bastards should be JAILED or killed for the good of the American people.

  4. People like Antifa is the very reason we need the Second Amendent. I like to see them do that to a law abiding citizen packing a licensed concealed gun. This group of thugs need to be dealt with. They can’t continue to physically harrass and hurt people. Where are the law makers and law enforcement officers. If this keeps up somebody is going to get killed.

  5. Why don’t there A$$es play their games in places where citizens haven’t been disarmed by a compliant government?

  6. If you are wearing a mask we know that you do that to hide from law enforcement. It is against the law, like most of your other actions. If the law is not enforced, a militia will form and enforce it. Trouble is the leftist states like Oregon would use any power they have to go after the good guys who are only defending themselves, it is what liberals do.

  7. If by these videos of what went on in Portland, you can’t call “ANTIFA” a terrorist group, then there is no such thing as a terrorist group.

    So let the “Free for All” continue, and innocent Americans will keep dying at the hands of “ANTIFA”.

    Even the “White Supremist” groups marches peacefully, and these terrorist attacks them in the name of stopping fascist methods and actions, but those fascist methods and actions are only employed by the members of the group that always hide their identities with scarfs hiding their faces, “ANTIFA”.

    “ANTIFA” is the Democrats’ reconstitution of the groups known as the post “American Civil War” Democrat “Ku Klux Klan”, the Russian “Bolsheviks”, the Italian “Fascists”, and the German “Nazis”.

    The Democrats’ agenda and goal is to make the USA just like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and the results of the coming USA’s 2020 national elections will expose how successful they will be, or not.

  8. when they gather and start their crap the cops better be around and arrest the lot of them ——theclue is the black that they wear for the cops don’t hold back give to them what they have been dishing out to innocent people. Throw the lot of them in jail with a big fine for disturbance.!

  9. There needs to be two things done about these thugs 1) Nation wide shoot on site order given to all law enforcement types and the other 2)Charge any one who does not stop these thugs with attempted murder and allow them to be sued for everything they have or nought have for the rest of their lives. The mayor claimed that the law would stop these thugs but LIED and should be arrested and jailed as should any officer who did not up hold the law. Throw these worthless LIBERAL IDIOTS in a jail cell and give no bail. Forget they are there for a week or two then see if they will do their sworn duties.

    1. people wearing masks will not last long down here in the south they do that crap up north because up there not many people unlike in the south where you never know who is carrying a gun

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