Trump Defends Supporters, TORCHES Liberal Snowflakes
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They had this coming for a long time…

President Donald Trump criticized Democrats on Thursday for describing him and his supporters as “Nazis.”

“They view everybody as fascist and Nazis,” Trump said. “They use that term Nazi. This was a term, you could not even use it, now they use it on, like, a regular basis.”

Trump pointed out that Democrats accused the border agents of running “concentration camps” despite their “heroic” efforts to secure the border.

“They do an incredible job,” he said, referring border agents.

The president spoke about Democrats during his political rally in New Hampshire, where thousands of supporters cheered his political message.

He criticized Democrats for refusing to fix the immigration and asylum loopholes.

“They look down upon the hard-working citizens who truly make our country run,” he said.

Trump described his supporters as the “greatest political movement in the history of this country” and said that it was built on “love.”

“Our movement is built on love, we love our families, we love our faith, we love our flag, and we love our freedom, that’s what it’s about,” he said, adding, “We love our neighbors and we love our country.”

“We have to take care of our own,” he said. “You haven’t heard that from a politician or a political leader in a long time. It’s called America First.”

A protester interrupted and was quickly shouted down by the president’s supporters with chants of “USA!”

“That guy has a serious weight problem,” Trump said, as the protester was ushered out of the arena. “Go home, start exercising … he’s got a bigger problem than I do. Get him out of here please.”

  1. Trump talks a whole lot nicer about the elitist neo-nazis fascist scum that now have control of the Democratic party, than I ever would. I would have called out their rhetoric and defused it, then noted what kind of scum talk in spin like they do. He should contsantly point out how they are the ones who do all the hatemongering and are the ones always calling for aggressive behavior, taunting people to violence. I would be pointing out that there would probably be a lot less shootings if these fascist scum would work with the American people to make it great again, but hey that’s not their intentions.

  2. The Mainstream media would have you believe that Trump is losing supporters, but this is the same thing they did in the last election when “Pant Suit’ was supposed to give him the pummeling that he would never forget. One thing that we must do is vote. It does not matter who you like or if they are even on this planet, you need to get out and vote, our country persons are counting on everyone to get out and vote. Just so you know, I have conducted my own personal poll and everyone that said they were voting for the President will once again vote for him. Good enough Trump 2020

  3. YEA!!!!
    The DEMIs accuse President Trump pd incendiary speech that is responsible for violence????
    WHAT ABOUT ELIE (BUCKWHEAT) MYSTAL calling for Torches and
    PITCH-FORKS to attack Republicans in Hampton, NY!
    YOU HEAR!!!

  4. Sadly, President Trump is correct, Democrats for the last 3 decades have put the benefits of foreigners ahead of that of the American people, and our people, culture and society has suffered from it.

    Too bad we can only have President Trump for 4 more years, as 2 of his first 4 years have been destroyed by the Democrats control over the US House, where they inflicted resistance and obstruction on everything that President Trump attempted to do in fulfilling his campaign promises to the American voters who elected him.

    After President Trump finishes his final term as President, the American people will have the same remorse that they had when President Reagan finished his second term, we will loose him forever, knowing that nobody to date could even stand a chance of taking his place and accomplishing all the successes that President Trump has for the American people.

    The Democrats will speak wistfully of President Trump and his accomplishments, just as they do about President Reagan and his accomplishments, but there will be nobody that can take their place anytime soon, that loves the USA and our GOD as much as they did and do. These will include the Reagan Democrats as well as the new Trump Democrats, that had to vote for President Trump in order for him to win in all the “blue wall” states and the “battleground” states.

    In the not to far past, all Americans used to count their blessings, but today the Democrats condemn our blessings, because they failed at providing them for the American people for 8 years under the Obama administration, while President Trump has accomplished them and in doing so makes the Democrats look inept, incompetent, and malfeasant. The Democrats can’t stand that, so they hate one of America’s greatest Presidents, and all his very successful accomplishments for the American people, as they keep attacking him with even more subpoenas in another attempt to try to prove what Mueller’s 2 year and $40 million investigation, and all the US Intelligent Agencies’ investigations could not..

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