NBC Host Desperately Attempts To Defend “The Squad”
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Did he really think this would work…

On MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” anchor Chuck Todd said President Donald Trump’s attacks on Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) “conveniently came as the economy became the story because it was showing signs of slowing.”

Todd said, “An economic downturn could spell disaster for President Trump in 2020. So as the economy threatens to take a dive, President Trump dives right back into the culture wars. Now Israel is denying entry to two American members of Congress after public pressure from the president.”

He continued, “Today the president of the United States urged another leader of another country to ban members of Congress from entering that country. They happen to be Muslim members of Congress and hours later Israel obliged announcing that Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, both members of the so-called Squad, both Muslim, both critics of Israel’s government, would not be allowed to visit. That decision came shortly after President Trump called on the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, who has got his own re-election issue going on right now, to ban Tlaib and Omar saying they, quote, ‘hate Israel and all Jewish people. They have been his target.”

He added, “The president’s attacks on Omar and Tlaib conveniently came as the economy became the story because it was showing signs of slowing. President is lashing out at the Fed. He’s lashing out at the press after what was a brutal day of headlines involving the health of the economy, particularly due to his policies in China and it potentially imperils one of the most important pitches that he has on the campaign trail.”

  1. Ah the spin, first off Trump didn’t call on nobody to do nothing. All he said was he wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t let’em in. Nor does the lying bastard mention the fact that Israel has a law against anyone calling for a boycott of their country not be allowed in the country. So the rat boy, Choke Turd just used what part of the truth he needed for his deflection from reality to seek his hidden agenda. That’s what we call a rhetorical lie. NAZI SCUM IS NAZI SCUM !!!!

  2. Chuck Todd, so liberal he wears a thong which puts his balls in a bind and that makes him say the things he says. I quit watching NBC with Chuck Todd because it is a show of all liberal propaganda and it is not balanced and unbiased. Being the news junkie that I am, I am constantly searching for a outlet the gives the news not their opinion. MAGA

  3. NBC should have. Promo at the beginning and ending of every news cast that says we are an arm of the DemocRAT. Party that is trying to destroy our country!

  4. Chuck Todd has had a lobotomy and no one told him! NBC – Nazi news corp!
    Tlaib and Omar were going on a trip sponsored by a terrorist organization to
    attack an important American ally!! To support terrorism !!!! Duh!!!!!!
    Tlaib has not seen her grandmother since 2006 – why all the drama after 13 years!
    And her behavior with tears and screaming in front of news crews was beyond phony !
    Tlaib and Omar are both under multiple investigations and should be suspended from congress
    without pay pending the outcome! They are the enemy within!
    Bless Pm Netanyahu and Pres Trump for standing strong against the enemy!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope to stop the insanity!

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