Republican Traitor LOSES IT, Takes A Jab At Trump
Image credit: Reason Magazine

He has made a big mistake…

On CNN’s “OutFront,” former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci called President Donald Trump a “nervous wreck.”

Scaramucci said, “I think they need to say it’s personal because the president came after me, okay. But it’s about demagoguery for me. I told my wife, I can defend nine out of ten things related to the president maybe eight out of ten, but a demagogue needs a blind obligation to loyalty … This guy is obviously not normal.”

He continued, “This guy is obviously — he is using the presidency. He has done it to you, Maggie, me. He is using the presidency to bully his flow citizens. It’s a disgusting act one of the most anti-American things a people can do is bully people.”

He added, “But it’s demagoguery and, okay he is a proven demagogue and obviously going off the rails now. He is a totally unstable, nervous wreck. Last night, sweating like a pig. Let’s just call it for what it is. He’s gotta go.”

  1. Hey Little Scaramucci, you couldn’t make it as a Pimple on President Trump’s ass. You are now and have always been an INBRED Operative of the Democrat-COMMUNIST-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    That being said, Kimberly kicked your ass to the curb because most times you couldn’t even get it up. Perhaps you should go put your big girl panties back on Punk.

  2. The rhetoric pretty simple on this one. It’s the pot calling the kettle black, or accuse the other guy of doing what you are doing before he accuses you. The real question here is why Andy Dandy is doing this? I can only speculate but I’ll speculate that it has something to do with money or a promise there of. I say this because anyone who would spew this rhetorical BS is basically seeking an agenda of self. Therefore the whole situation seems to be Trump weeded out the trash from his administration and now trash is pissed off about it because his ego is hurt so he’s selling out American citizens. Good job Mr. President !!!!!

  3. Another unhinged sociopath is unleashed upon the populace. he accuses trump of doing what he is doing. He lives in a fantasy. He has probably commited more crimes against society that one could imagin.

  4. MOOCH!!!!
    The WHITE HOUSE staff hated you in the (2) weeks you were there!
    You acted like a JUG-HEAD and annoyed every one,

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