Elizabeth Warren LOSES Her Mind, Says The UNTHINKABLE
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What was she thinking?

During an interview with NPR, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) accused President Donald Trump of winking and nodding “at the white supremacists.”

Warren said, “This is a man who, as president of the United States, refers to people in Charlottesville who are white supremacists as “fine people,” a man who says he doesn’t want any more immigrants coming here from “shithole” countries, a man who describes people who flee for their lives from Central America as mounting an invasion on our country, a man who has used racist language and racist imagery over and over and over, and most of all a man who winks and nods at the white supremacists, and who in turn is embraced and celebrated by the white supremacists.”

She added, “You know, when the white supremacists call Donald Trump one of their own I tend to believe them.”

    1. Does Elizabeth Warren not realize the she comes across stupid to her audiences because this accusation has already been debunked if you simply listen to what Trump says. It appears that her mental health may “red-flag” her and prevent her from owning a gun.

  1. Hey warren, you should be required to submit to a Mental Health Evaluation, you are clearly a Danger to yourself and Others. This was caused by all the INBREEDING in your family but that’s not our problem, seek help.

  2. Warren the extent to which you embellish garbage against Trump is hurting none other yourself!!! If you and other hostile liberals mention some of the good things (and there are many of them) that Trump has done, and is doing, the public will begin to respect your objectivity and consider you, at least partially, credible. But I say keep your accusations up. You’ll be helping Trump’s re-election without knowing why and how.

  3. This is a person who puts a terrible reflection on women. Elizabeth Warren will keep America from ever electing a woman president.. Please go away Warren!! Stop wasting our time and your millions sucked from the people who are miss lead by your made up flat out lies.

  4. Just like you were supposed to be of Indian ancestry, now you are once again spouting “half truths” which fits your agenda. Tell us why you would be a better leader than what we presently have. What is you campaign committments and how will you accomplishment them? Tell you start talking about the real issues that we face, all I hear from you and the rest of the Demaclowns is BLah, Blahk Blah.

    Here’s a hint Lizzie, we want to know how you are going to make the economy better than what it is. We want to know how you are going to solve the deficit problem, because it is not the President that spends the money, it is the Congress that spends the money. How about term limits for all elected officials. How about a drug test for anyone receiving government assistance and anyone elected to office regardless of whether it is a Federal, State, or Local position of responsibility. I can go on and on but till then it’s Trump 2020.

  5. Headline is FAKE NEWS. For one thing while it is true she has a brain it has never been established that she has a mind to lose. Secondly there is nothing unthinkable for Democrats to spew.

  6. He said no such thing about the White Supremist so lady and I use that term loosely shut up stop your lying and resign your Senate seat which you gained through lies and other malfeascents. Fauxachontas he condemned the violence and only talked about a group of People that attended to counter both groups evil that group was not White Supremist, and they were peaceful while the B. L. M. Group was armed with Bats and sticks as were the White racist both these hate groups caused the violence but you Fauxachontas only condemn one group. So if you want be honest shut that lying Mouth and keep it shut. I condemn you and you Socialist lies get a real job and stop munching off the DemoCommunist you would sipport.!

  7. Being a 78 year old senior and a 44+year Democrat, I am absolutely amazed at how this woman lies about everything. Frankly, too, I am originally from Oklahoma and I have watched this stupid woman defend her past lies about her having Native American heritage. I just wish that she would shut up because she is an embarrassment to my party.

    1. Ron, if you look at the candidates that the Democrats have before us running for president Warren is not alone as “embarrassing”. She has several others that join right in with her. Sorry for your party. It used to be constructive, helpful and helped the American people. Since we’ve now created the “Aisle” it seems that neither party is doing a very good job. To busy gouging each other.

  8. warren is nothing more then a low life scum bag “B”. Anybody that is a Native American wanna be that is talking this BS. After all her lies about being Native American and she thinks I’m going to believe her. Give me a break.

  9. Perhaps DIZZY LIZZIE shou;ld Lay off CORN MADE FIREWATER nad Stick to proclaiming Itself a PRINCESS of the WHOAWI TRIBE of FRAUD PROGRESSIVE TRIBAL SOULS

  10. is this false candidate referring to all people in NC as white supremacist? if so she is really more of a stupid idiot that she pretends to be!

  11. Every time she opens her mouth she tells lies. She needs help from a psychologist. I was once a democrat but saw years ago the direction the democratic party was taking our country and (we) knew that is not what we wanted for our children and grandchildren. The democrats spread hatred between the black and white communities. I was taught to love and respect all races. The lies they spread and the damage and unrest comes directly from
    the democratic party. They are the authors of racism in our country.

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