FURIOUS MSNBC Host Attacks Trump Supporters
Image credit: MSN.com

This is how low the left is…

On MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” network political analyst Zerlina Maxwell declared those who support President Donald Trump “caging brown babies” were “supporting racist policies.”

When asked if there is a distinction between Trump’s “clearly racist language” and his supporters, Maxwell said, “Well, they need to speak truth to power, and I do not see a distinction. If you are supporting a president that is caging brown babies and you are okay with that, then I’m sorry, that is supporting racist policies, and that is not distinct from supporting a racist president. I think that often we try to get into this semantic game because people take the label of racist so personally as if I’m saying that you’re a terrible human and that you’re evil.”

She added, “What I’m saying is that often white Americans need to place themselves in the shoes of people of color and think about how it feels to hear your president say that everyone coming from Mexico is a rapist and murderer and that a black person coming from the continent of Africa is coming from a shit-hole country or that black people that are arrested by the police should not be treated nicely as if Eric Garner is not dead today because he was choked on camera and no one got in trouble except the person that filmed that.”

  1. Hey Maxwell, were you always a liar, or is because you just found out your Father is not your Biological Father. So sad for you, find a way to get even by registering as a Democrat COMMUNIST.

  2. Does he want the children of people who sneak into our country to run loose and be prey for peope who will abuse them; does he want the children kept iwith their parents in a secure place; or doe he not understand that the children are being kept safe and cared for?
    Or, is he simply not aware of what is going on?

  3. Maxie Pad may bleed to death if she doesn’t get out of the dementia that she is speaking from. What a twisted world she must live in. Constantly with her mind humming trying to figure out how to keep the truth spun in favor of her agenda. Psychologists should be studying the entire Monkey Squad that is the Democrats lying for office just for the insight into the dementia of dillusions of grandeur and the working of the Nazi mind.

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