Elderly Woman RIPS Kamala Harris A New One
Image credit: City Journal

Kamala Harris isn’t coming back from this one…

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) visited a nursing home where she was confronted by a resident who told her to “leave our health care system alone.”

“I understand that you are advocating health care for everyone,” the woman said.

“Who’s going to pay for it?” she asked.

“Well, we’re going to pay for it. Because right now, let me tell you something, we’re all paying for health care for everyone– ” Harris began before the woman cut her off, saying, “no we’re not.”

“Leave our health care system alone,” the woman added. “We don’t want you to mess with it”:

Harris has not been as transparent as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in regards to her intentions for universal health care coverage.

She later walked that position back but signified that she, indeed, supported “abolish[ing] private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan” during a show-of-hands question at the first debate.

  1. Name one thing the govt. does well……..give up ? Leave private enterprise alone. Move to a communist/socialist country if you want the govt to care for your every need. See how that works for you.

    1. CA government and that includes Harris. Nothing but down hill for 25 years. Harris giving Bob Fulner no jail time for his sexual harassment of 23 woman give me a look at what kind of Person she is. I would NEVER vote for her.
      Pelosi Feinstein Brown Walters and Harris all worthless. Don’t forget to add the Mayor who have allowed CA to become the 47 State on economy. We used to be # ONE. Homeless camps everywhere.

  2. There has been enough multi – millionaires made from service in government. First was the Clinton’s, who have lied, cheated, that stole their way into the top 1 percent. Then there was the Obama’s, who feathered the nest of their campaign donors and as a return, were paid off with back door deals. So Kamala baby, you will have to think up another gig to make it to where you want to go.

  3. What happens when you have spent all the other people’s money? You know, the ones who have worked and saved to pay their own way in their ssenior years. I know with you being from CA you think everythibg is rosey whenn in fact the people who refuse to support your failed state are leaving in droves to avoid the “golden” states where everything is free…free my ass.

  4. I think in an advanced society everyone should get health care without being financially raped. We apparently aren’t an advanced society and never will be as long as we have Elitist Neo-nazis fascist scum in our government, like the Monkey Squad running for president on Nazi (DNP) party ticket. I also think it can be done properly if all pitch together and work to do it right. But the Neo-nazis aren’t going to do it unless they can bankrupt the country, and the far-right capitalist pigs are too self-absorbed and greedy to stop screwing you price wise. The FDA is brought and paid for by the legal drug cartel and the food industry (that’s how we end up with all those chemicals in processed foods, like high-fruitose ncorn. shit). Kookla Harris just fits right in with this
    bunch, with her forked tongue and callused backside.

  5. The commie democrats know that every communist country started out as a socialist country. There is your russian collusion. Its the democratic party. Wake up America. Lets take America back for the people. Never vote for a lying commie democrat ever again.

  6. Kamala Harris will do anything, say anything if she thinks that it will win votes. She is a greedy, corrupt,
    power hungry Hypocrite and will lose big time.



    Have you noticed that the communist media doesn’t want you to see what their Chinese communist allies are about to do to the people. The communist democrats are aligned with the marxist brothers.

    I bet they are thrilled that all of Hong Kong has no guns. If only they could do that here followed by family round ups. Have you noticed the American flags in Hong Kong? These people have tasted freedom and they are not about to give it up. Sadly when the boot comes down on the neck it is over. That is why we have 300 million guns that we know about. The Spirit of America Party Radio Show will do dedications to the Hong Kong freedom lovers. Starting tonight. We offer one suggestion. Transfer all your money to the USA quickly before the commies get mean. Then use it as your only bargaining chip to win back your rights as human beings. Good luck and God keep you safe. If it gets real bad escape while you still have time. [email protected] ASK FOR TRUMP SANCTUARY.

  8. Our government has a consistent record. They screw up everything they touch. Name one thing they have succeeded at. News flash for all politicians!! You don’t know how to run a business.
    The only money government has is through taxation. Government’s answer to all problems is to raise taxes. If they can’t meet their budget they raise the ceiling. Private business understands you can’t spend money you don’t have.
    If they need money, they have to borrow it. They can’t just print it or raise their prices because they will price themselves out of business. We need private enterprise to avoid being slaves of the government sucking on their teat. In other words SOCIALISM.

  9. And what was Harris response to this elderly lady? Lies, she just wanted to get away from her as if she did not count.

  10. Dem-Coms need new writers, their using the same old Complaints, Lies, Blame, and Communists Quotes as they did in 2016.

  11. There may be a female at he top of the ticket, it just won’t be Willie’s former paramour, Kamala. No VP slot either. Just like in nature, only one Queen rules in the hive. Note the absence of her husband. With the conversation migrating towards race, maybe they feel some of the ‘sistas’ would express concern over her choice of a pigment deficient spouse over all genuine AA brotha.

  12. Candidate Harris received as vibrant an admonition as she needed from the elderly Nursing Home occupant. Harris is no dummy, she needed input and recived same merely by briefly mentioning the issue.
    Notice that someone answering to the title of “Journalist” called the meeting with the elderly person “Kamala getting ripped a new one.” So much journalistic drama for the woman’s response to Kamala, but “ripping a new one?” That was hardly the case, there was no hostility, all there was, was a plain-spoken suggestion. The elderly do have major concerns when the mention of restructuring their health insurance is the subject. Now, Kamala is at the “Do I, or don’t I” decision. I recommend Kamala’s rethinking of her intentions, she ought not “mess” with the health insurance for the sake of a campaign issue unless she intends to introduce more benefits for the elderly.

  13. Back in the 1980’s no one made you have Health Insurance, It wasn’t offered at jobs, but if you couldn’t
    afford insurance they didn’t fine you. You paid the Doctor as you went. I wanted Insurance so I applied. , & I was told because I was a women between the age of 16 & 80 I could get pregnant so my Insurance was $300.00 a month just for myself, I told them I could not get pregnant again & can prove I had my tubes removed. I already had 3 children didn’t want anymore. I was under the age of 80. So
    I was out of luck. This Government Insurance is for the birds & I can’t fly. This is a Free Country. Not a dictatorship & I sure the Hell don’t want to live in a Socialist Country. Having Insurance should not be mandatory it should be a choice if you can’t afford food you sure the hell can’t afford the high cost of Insurance. God Bless America & God Bless President Trump.

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