2020 Democrat Unloads On Trump’s New Immigration Rule
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The left has gotten out of control…

On MSNBC’s “All In,” 2020 presidential candidate former HUD Secretary and former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro (D) reacted to the Trump administration’s new immigration rules.

Castro said, “What it looks like is that this administration is not just against undocumented immigrants, it’s also against legal immigrants. And on top of that, it seems to only want immigrants that look a certain way. I believe what they’re looking for are, it seems like, well-to-do immigrants from some European countries. … Before 1924, people could come to this country — we didn’t have the same system of immigration laws that we have now, and a lot of those folks…came here with nothing, and yet, and I think this is a very important point, Ali, a lot of those folks helped build the great nation that we have today.”

He added, “I think the point that needs to be asked is, why is Donald Trump so interested in cutting off this generation of immigrants? And it goes back to what he’s displayed from the beginning of his political career, from birtherism, to the way he started his campaign, to those comments about the Mexican-American judge, to his comments about Ilhan Omar and her colleagues. He wants a whiter, wealthier nation. That’s what he’s interested in.”

  1. Both Castro boys are snakes in the grass! Stay away from them or you will get bit, especially if you are white!! I am white and will NOT EVER apologize for that! Love who you are no matter your race!!! Castro boys should remember…white people vote too you assholes!!!! Losers, both of you!!!

  2. This stupid Julian Castro is to dumb to understand why Trump wants this new immigration rule.
    We cannot take as many people in as we have already. . They will bankrupt America. Right now we are paying for food, shelter, diapers and medical care for them. No wonder Trump wants to know if they can support themselves. I want to know that too. Every American should worry about the higher taxes that will have to come because of them. I think that all democrats that want them here should take a few of them into their homes and help them out. Nancy and Chuck should be first to take a family into their homes. Please leave our PRESIDENT TRUMP ALONE. HE IS THE BEST PRESIDENT AMERICA HAS EVER HAD AND THE SMARTEST ONE TOO. All you democrats blame him for everything under the sun. None of it is true it just makes you look dumb.

  3. We have enough slackers already. We want people that are going to build a life, a family and a career. What we are getting presently with the “INVADER” problem is people that want to take advantage of our assistance programs while they are gainfully employed as “CASH” employees. When they get paid every week, they wire the money they want to save back to a bank in Mexico so it can’t be attached here for violation of our tax laws, so a illiterate can work making Thirty thousand ($30,000.00) a year, something that they could NEVER do in Mexico, while drawing Thirty to Fifty thousand dollars in benefits, based on the number of children in the household, giving them an income of Sixty to Eighty thousand a year without paying any taxes. Would you risk your life to attain that goal. If your life is worth NOTHING in Mexico, then you have nothing to lose. Trump 2020

  4. Casshole is such a pisshead. He refuses to acknowledge that Trump had already said his reason for doing this was to protect the American citizens from undue burden. Therefore the only votes he must be shooting for are the 3I’s – Ignorant, Idiotic, and illegal. How UnAmerican, that’s why he is a member of the Monkey Squad.

  5. Whatta Moron and POS —- these laws have been on the books for decades…..They were LAST ENFORCED under clinton and started to be OVERLOOKED during his second term….
    How can a POS come out and make these statements without KNOWING what they’re talking about….

  6. In 1924 there were no welfare programs, so immigrants couldn’t come here for a free lunch. Today there are lots of handouts when we are 20 trillion some in debt. Makes no sense. Why invite more government dependents? We all know why the Democrats want them, for votes. Enough said.

  7. In 1924 immigrants who came here had to earn their own way, todays so called immigrants come here with their gimme hand out and expect the taxpayers to happily hand over the money that they demand

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