Al Green Takes AIM At Trump Supporters
Image credit: Washington Monthly

This is low…

On MSNBC, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) accused supporters of President Donald Trump of benefiting from and perpetuating the president’s bigotry.

Green said, “This has been a part of his MO of his campaign to do what we can to weaponize racism demonize victims. This is something he’s done successfully because he was elected doing this. My hope is we’ll understand that the president is a beneficial bigot. This is a term that I’ve coined. A beneficial bigot because he benefits those who will be meeting soon to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign.

“He has benefitted the clergy, which is supposed to be the backbone and cornerstone of decency by giving them the judges they want. He has benefitted the rich and the powerful by giving them the tax cut that they want,” he continued. “So he has benefitted them to the extent that they will tolerate his bigotry. When you tolerate bigotry, you perpetuate bigotry. This is a beneficial bigot unlike we have seen before in the highest office to the land since 1868 since Andrew Johnson was the beneficial bigot of his time.”

  1. Al Green better watch is month these kind of of people in the SS Democrat Nazi Party are the most corrupt,crooked,and the worst Pathetic Liars on our earth.Along with the rest of there Racist Democrat Slavery Party what they did in the 1800s when all the Democrats owned slaves in a country once called the Confederate States Of America and till this day they are still using them as there SLAVES.

  2. So, ““He has benefitted the clergy, which is supposed to be the backbone and cornerstone of decency by giving them the judges they want. ”
    He has benefited the nation by appointing judges who undersand that the COnstitution is still valid as written, without adding “penumbras” any other asinine dodges used to attempt the make the Constitution say something that it does not say.

  3. The way I see things. If Al Green wants to call someone a bigot , a lier and a racists, all he needs to do is look in a mirror. I am so glad I did the #walk away four years ago. Go MAGA and
    President Donald Trump. 2020!!!!!!!

  4. I just love how stupid these Democrats are, because they never learn, such as in the 2016 Presidential campaign where Donald Trump’s supporters were called deplorables and irredeemable homophobes, xenophobes, and racists.

    What did this do for Hillary Clinton?

    This made sure that all the Donald Trump supporters would make an extra effort to be sure they cast their vote for Donald Trump, and inspired all their friends to do the same.

    In fact Donald Trump’s people were so outraged and angry at being called names of what they definitely were not, it inspired them to embrace those names they were being called, and used those names as a rally cry to get more Trump voters to the polls to vote for Donald Trump.

    So here we go again, which proves just how stupid and ignorant that Texas Democrat and US House Representative Al Green really is.

  5. Rep. Al Green, how can you impeach President Trump in the House and when you know right from the beginning it will fail in the Senate so it is a totally waste of our taxpayer money to push it??? You need 21 Republican Senators to vote for it and that will never happen in a million years!!! Could it be you want to tie up AG Barr with impeachment to stop the “mass indictments for the criminal Democrat Party Mob officials including President Obama and Hillary Clinton from coming down later in 2019 with their trials in 2020 election and that will destroy the Democrats in the 2020 election!!!! That is really what you are doing, isn’t it????????

  6. Green is so jealous of the President he is green with envy.Since lying is the democrats middle name all he says should be just put in your garbage file.Garbage in garbage out

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