Ridiculous Reason Why This PBS News Host Attacked Trump
Image credit: Washington Times

The Left is willing to do anything to slander Trump…

On “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks said that when he saw President Trump smiling and giving a thumbs-up in a picture with a child orphaned by the El Paso shooting, he thought, “well, he’s a sociopath.”

Brooks said, “Well, there’s a photo, a still, from that visit, where he’s with the orphan baby and two family members, with his wife, and Melania’s holding the child. And he’s got this grin and the thumb up. … And I look at that photo, I think, well, he’s a sociopath. He’s incapable of experiencing or showing empathy, and, politically, it’s helpful for him to target that lack of empathy and fellow feeling toward people of color. But how much have we seen him show empathy for anybody? And so, I look at that as someone who is unloved and made himself unlovable and whose subject is himself, is his own competitive greatness. And so, he doesn’t do the consoler-in-chief just because he doesn’t do that emotional range. And that’s a burden and a cost for any of us.”

  1. Hey Brooks, you’re clearly not playing with a full deck. It would behoove you to crawl back into the womb of the animal from whom you were WHELPED.
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO MAGA

  2. It actually still amazes me how the democrats can find things to complain about. They could find a picture of Bambi and say he was crapping up the Forrest. They could say Cinderella was in trouble because she wasn’t washing the floor clean enough.

  3. Brooks is beyond sick, as is his extraordinarily biased newspaper and PBS, a station that no one watches any more. The sooner the federal funds stop for it, the better because it’s just a hack network for Democrats and asses like Brooks, who “pretend” to be objective. The correct adjective is, of course, objectionable to the nth degree! Every day, there’s just another excellent reason NOT to watch public TV. At least the extraordinarily creepy networks like CNN, NBC and MSNBC don’t pretend to be honest and non-biased………

    1. Jim I watch a lot of good programs on the Public Bullshit Station, but none of them are their extremely bigoted media programming. They do it in such an elitist ta-ta fashion it makes you want to vomit. While flipping through the channels watching election results, that I heard this ta-da bitch, when talking about Trump winning in one of the states, said – you got to remember the people making these votes are rural and uneducated. That’s why these scummy bigot elitist fascist don’t deserve public funding.

  4. Isn’t David Brooks the faux conservative who waxed poetic about the crease in Obama’s pants? This guy is an idiot only worthy of being scorned and ignored.

  5. Showing no empathy, he was there with these people who’s lives were destroyed by some sick son of a bitch. You want socialism. take a trip to Cuba and live there for a decade and see what your life there is going to be like, I can tell you that you would not last a year in that society. Best of Luck to you Mr. Brooks, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. Trump 2020

  6. -Hold on. I think this is instructive, and a clue to examine how the progressive brain works. Most logical people would view the photo as a person (Trump) offering encouragement and hope to a child who has experienced the trauma of having parents killed. The dark side proponents of negativism and doom (progressive democrats) see this person (Trump) as someone who is not resorting to demonstrating the hopelessness of life tragedies, and emphasizing the demonic side of humanity.

    I think people like Brooks should be studied psychologically to understand what causes this type of mutation in the human spirit. Brooks would seem to be a perfect subject because at one time he was believed to be a thinking conservative, but something changed in his mental makeup.

  7. Did Brooks is a very demented person who can’t see pass himself. His only worry is making up a story to sell, regardless of fact, truth, or fairness. He has no integrity, and his ego is so demented that he can’t see he has no self-respect. What a low life.

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