2020 Democrat OPENS FIRE On Mitch McConnell
Image credit: Politico

The left can’t get enough of McConnell…

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) commented on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump’s “playbook” when it comes to gun legislation.

Ryan urged McConnell on CNN’s “New Day” to quit “slow-walking” gun legislation and “act immediately.”

“Mitch McConnell is sitting on his hands and he wants to talk about it in four or five weeks? Give me a freaking break,” Ryan told host John Berman. “I get so mad when I hear this stuff and then Donald Trump saying, ‘Well, yeah I want to consider. Oh yeah, maybe red flag. Oh yeah, oh yeah. It’s always ‘Oh yeah’ something some other time.”

“It’s got to stop, John. The whole country’s on edge. We need the leaders to act,” he added.

The representative from Ohio went on to say he will keep the pressure up in his fight for gun legislation.

  1. The whole country is NOT on edge. This is a very important matter and it needs deep consideration. Ryan wants to lead us down the primrose path to disarm the citizens of this country and then the Liberals can legislate anything they can think of to gain control of our lives and particularly our money, because remember, these people do not have any money to spend unless taxes are paid and an unarmed public puts us in the position of that “Socialist” south american country where the resistance is kept in a neutral position unable to do anything to change the government that disarmed them in 2012 thanks to Hugo Chavez, Barry’s buddy.

  2. Make the elitist neo-nazis wait. The scumbags would love to rant their rhetorical lying crap to anyone that might fall for it, and mostly while they’ve already got their brainwashed minions all wacked out of the view of any common sense. These elitists neo-nazis just want to take your guns any way they can and don’t care how many people they have to kill to do it. NAZI SCUM IS NAZI SCUM !!!!!!

  3. This Twit, Tim Ryan, who does his mouth on the CNN, where they only prompt the Sociialist talking heads to tear down anything that is Conservative, all the way to President Trump. John Berman, to whom, Ryan was whining to about the country being on edge, because they needed someone to act to do what is needed. This is another Ryan, similar to his sister Paul Ryan, who promised and promised and we went down in flames waiting for the wall. But, both Ryan’s are doubles, both are feckless impersonators of simple politicians. T, Ryan forgets that his President Obama, had that, “you can have your own doctor and promised that it would be the cheapest Insurance you would have and…. and…. anddd , till the promises ran out and People that needed doctoring found out that it was Political Crappola and it only took the peoples money with no return. Tim Ryan is the same Adam Henry we had Paul Ryan, a talker that sold the bridge a hundred times and then he left to the sanctity of his gated Home. This Tim Ryan smells worse than Ryan and we don’t need either one. Some pull the flush handle on Tim and do the country a favor.. clean the air.

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