Dan Crenshaw WRECKS Democrat For Outing Trump Donors
Image credit: Bearing Arms

It was about time somebody said something…

Recently on Fox’s “Guy Benson Show,” Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) attacked Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) posting a list of Trump donors by saying, “there’s another term for this kind of tactic, Guy, it’s called fascism.” He also suggested that a House censure of Castro should be done.

Crenshaw stated, “You know, there’s another term for this kind of tactic, Guy, it’s called fascism. This is what it is. When you try to bully people into thinking and acting different, and especially coming from an elected official, this is extremely worrying. I think what he did is absolutely disgusting. It also makes it very hard to justify the — what we thought we all agreed on, which was transparency in how money in politics moves. But if you’re going to weaponize that transparency, it’s going to be very difficult to defend it.”

Crenshaw added that the House should “consider” censuring Castro.

  1. I tip my hat to Mr Crenshaw for stepping up with the truth. Our elected officials need to realize that most of the Democratic party aren’t Democrats anymore, but elitist neo-nazis fascist scum and they’re the front line in this civil war going on inside our government. They need to stand up to these anti-American NAZIS before Democracy falls.

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