2020 Democrat UNLOADS On Trump
Image credit: NBC News

He just made a big mistake…

On MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) said President Donald Trump could not even pretend to be presidential when visiting Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX.

Ryan said, “Beneath the dignity of the office. We all thought he was going to be able to at least pretend for a day and he couldn’t. He couldn’t even pretend for a few hours. And he’s just so vicious. I mean, it’s just —you know, I watched Nan Whaley for two days here hold this city together, amazing leadership and a heartbroken town and state and country. And she was phenomenal. To just be so crude, it’s so beneath the office. It is to be expected from him, but it’s time for a change. We need that change to happen in the United States.”

  1. Hey Little Timmy, if you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones.
    That being said, ask Mommy the TRUE name of your BIOLOGICAL FATHER, you will no doubt be shocked and saddened.

    1. Little Timmy Ryan reveals what a mistake that he was ever elected to ANY PUBLIC OFFICE.
      Little timmy ryan is just another mimic,,,such a bore, and a ZERO……

  2. I wonder if comprehension is the biggest problem (disease) running rampant throughout the Democrat-Socialist Party. It seems what they hear just circles around inside their heads and what comes out of their mouths is convoluted it doesn’t even resemble the what is the truth of what they heard. This is why no one, not even the majority of their audience, pays any attention to them.

  3. Anybody know what the f,_ck this idiot is even talking about or what point this moron is trying to make. I guess you have-to-be brainwashed by the propaganda media outlets to understand his miligned bigoted hatemongering rants. The Dark Side is strong in this one, the ego-tripping dementia is very, very deep.

  4. Just imagine the outrage by the lying dems if President Trump had not made the trip. Dayton should be embarrassed by their smirking, grimacing Mayor who lied about the President’s reception!

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