Democrat Attempts To BASH Trump, Fails TREMENDOUSLY
Image credit: NBC News

This is just sad…

On CNN’s “Situation Room,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) discussed Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX ) dropping out as President Donald Trump’s nominee for Director of National Intelligence.

Hirono said, “He’s contradicting what his intel people are saying, including Dan Coats, the director who is leaving as well as FBI Director Chris Wray who both testified that Russia continues to interfere with our elections. So this is once again Trump just hearing what he wants to say. Basically, he’s lying and making up stories all of the time.”

She continued, “Thank goodness he withdrew his nominee because I served on the intel committee for two years in the Senate and if there is one thing you need to be assured is that our intel people are giving us accurate information and not just information that the president wants to hear. That is very dangerous for national security and, yet, the president apparently doesn’t give a rip.”

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    1. As are all INBRED Operatives of the Democrat-COMMUNIST-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
      That being said, they should all be required be require to submit to a Mental Health Evaluation, they are clearly a Danger to themselves and others.

  2. Maisie is a nasty dirty old hag who needs to go back to Hawaii get the hell out of our government you’re not part of America foul mouth nasty bitch an old frustrated old hag

  3. Crazy Mazie’s ego defenses in his sub-concious have gone beserk. Now the ego-tripping psycho can’t tell reality from the dementia in his head. That’s the problem with Congress is all the reps like Crazy Mazie who are lost in the dementia of their egos. NAZISM is a form of mental illness.

  4. The truth is I think whoever hit her in the face with that flat pan jarred what little grey matter she had loose, and it rattles around in meaningless space. There is something seriously wrong that half wit.

  5. HIRONO, you are a sorry excuse for holding any type of public office. You pretty much turn my stomach. You appear to be an evil old witch… to use your own words:

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