Rush Limbaugh DESTROYS Democrats And Baltimore
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He just left the Democrats speechless…

On “Fox & Friends,” conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh sounded off on President Donald Trump’s remarks about Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

Trump’s criticisms of the two received backlash from Democrats and the media as being racially charged, but Limbaugh defended the president for speaking the “absolute truth” about a city ruined under Democrat control.

The host questioned why Democrats can be critical of Trump, but he cannot push back against something controlled by Democrats.

“There’s certain things you’re not supposed to say,” Limbaugh stated. “You’re not supposed to criticize anything the Democrats run. You’re not supposed criticize anything where minorities are involved because that’s automatically labeled racist, but I’m going to tell you something right up front: the president’s not a racist.”

“[I]t’s about time somebody pushed back against the real human misery that results from unchecked Democrat leftist control and power. I like it,” he added.

  1. Rush has more balls than all republican congressmen combined. And he tells the truth. That is something that politicians are not used to. democrats and rinos are nothing but trash and it is time to throw the trash out.

  2. Every American should stand up to these elitist Neo-nazis and their rhetorical bullying lying. Rush should’ve pointed out that to be a racist you have to attack a person’s ethic background, something the President has never done. Guilty pig squeals first and that’s the Elitist Neo-nazis of the Democracy party.

  3. Denver is getting as bad. The Gov. & Mayor much prefer taking care of the illegal immigrants than pour pwn poor people who are living in homeless camps in filthy condidtions!

  4. Well we all know black leaders only look out for themselfs and there family but you continually vote for them,that makes you a sucker, as a blackman i got off that train a long time ago.

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