2020 Democrat Throws Facts Out The Window, ATTACKS Trump
Image credit: Washington Examiner

And she thinks she will be able to be president…

On MSNBC’s “Weekends With Alex Witt,” 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson commented on President Donald Trump’s attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the city of Baltimore.

Williamson said, “My message is not to the president except we’ll get you for this stuff. My message is to the American people. Be very careful and know what this is. This is beyond racism. This beyond just weaponizing tweets. This is the work of a serious sociopathic demagogue. He makes warning shots. You in any way mess with me, he says, I’m coming after you. That’s why so many Republicans will not take him on. That’s why so many Republicans chose not to run again. That’s what the political establishment fails to understand they are taking a knife to a gunfight with this man. This man is coming after anyone who dares to criticize him.”

She continued, “Mick Mulvaney when he said what Elijah Cummings said was wrong. He didn’t say it was inaccurate. When the president tweeted this morning a congressional tour already establishing that those detention centers are clean and well run, no they didn’t. We have had experts talking about the terrible conditions. The lying here is extremely dangerous. It’s not just what I want to say to the president. I hope that every American realizes we have a problem on our hands and we need to treat this very, very seriously.”

  1. Hahahahaha who is this maniac? Another dumb democrat running for prez? The only thing she should be running is the other way. No way do we want a nut like this one in the White House.

  2. Well after this next debate we will be saying GOOD – BYE To Willianson , No one takes her seriously anyway !!!

  3. NO, Ms. Wil;liamson, WE do not have a problem. It’s YOU Liberal/Democrat/Socialists that has THE PROBLEM. WE Patriot Americans now have a REAL President in the oval office, and that has nothing to do with party politics. YOU Democrats, HAD a real President in office when DEMOCRAT John F. Kennedy was in office, and HE didn’t buy your BS, any more than WE are, but YOU got RID of him. YOU have fought and humiliated this DULY ELECTED President from day one and NOW it’s time to pay the piper, and pay, you will. come time for the 2020 VOTE. I would NOT want to be a Congressional Democrat this time around.

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