MSNBC Host LOSES IT, Says The Unthinkable
Image credit: TheHill

What he said will leave you speechless…

Joe Scarborough, former Florida congressman and current host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, tweeted asking Jesus for forgiveness for his past conservative affiliation.

“Jesus, forgive me for ever being a Republican,” Scarborough wrote. Responses flooded in, alternately praising and condemning him — and providing plenty of free commentary during the thick of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Wednesday testimony.

“This is just disgusting. The lying, the twisting of the truth, the yelling is just so offensive,” he said.

  1. Joe ‘poop in his Pants” Scarborough” You mean the former congress person whose young woman assistant was found dead in Joe’s offices? You mean that “Joe”?????

  2. When is this waste of tax payers money spending going to stop along with the democrats need to take no salary since they love to spend tax payers money like it is theirs
    I am sick to death of this crap
    Build the flippin wall and get back to business of making our country great again!!!!!

  3. Anybody that believes his Jesus hocky would probably eat owl hocky. Blasphemous rhetoric that he thinks some weak-minded person might believe, I mean this ego-tripping buttmuncher thinks he is so much smarter than others but his ego actually makes him to stupid to realize how stupid he sounds. Sometimes I can’t believe just how stupid the egos of these elitist neo-nazis are with some of the stunts they pull and expect you to be dumb enough to believe them. But I guess that’s why they weaseled their way into our educational system so they can brainwash young forming mind. DEATH TO FASCISM IN AMERICA !!!!!!!!!! MAGA

  4. “Jesus, forgive me for ever being a Republican,”

    This would make Joe the modern equivalent of the Pharisee of whom Jesus said, “Do not be like him.”

  5. This jerk is so confused and twisted. To be a Democrat you must have lost your mind and your ethics and morals. To be able to ignore common sense, take weapons from innocent people so they cannot protect themselves in a society gone nuts . to propose taking hard earned money for hoaxes like global warming, and not turning in criminals…where is the decency. Scarborough is a rogue lunatic and his wife just as big a loon.

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