Ilhan Omar LOSES IT After Asked THIS Question
Image credit: The Cut

How is she allowed to get away with this?

Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) exploded at an audience member who asked her to condemn female genital mutilation to which Omar said she was “disgusted” by the question and that it was a waste of time.

Ani Zonneveld, president of Muslims for Progressive Values, asked Omar, “Will you be able to make a statement against FGM? Because that’s an issue in Detroit, and it would be really powerful if the two Muslim Congresswomen, yourself and Rashida, would make a statement on this issue.”

Omar responded to the question by saying: “Should I make a schedule? Like, does this need to be on repeat every 5 minutes? Should I be like, ‘so, today I forgot to condemn Al-Qaeda, so here’s the Al-Qaeda one. Today I forgot to condemn FGM so here it goes. Today I forgot to condemn Hamas so here it goes.’ It is a very frustrating question that comes up.”

Omar added that she was “quite disgusted to be honest that as Muslim legislators, we are constantly being asked to waste our time speaking to issues that other people are not asked to speak to because the assumption exists that we somehow support [it].”

  1. Muslims can lie to us infidels without any problem. She and rashida Talib can lie all the time and then squeal racist when they are questioned about it. Their goal is to destroy America and make it a muslim shitholle.

  2. One has to wonder was it done to her? So she believes it this horrid practice that mames women and it so totally sick.

  3. Hmmmm….isn’t she always asking the white man to condemn everything she hates? Oh yeah, I forgot… .double standard!

  4. After seeing Ilhan without her rag on her head I now know why she wears the rag. She is truly one unattractive excuse for a woman. I can’t imagine waking up with this pig laying next to you. Look at her picture at the start of the article her lips look like an asshole. She must have two moving parts her mouth and her asshole and they are interchangeable. I wonder if the rest of these camel jockeys are as ugly as she is.

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