Lindsey Graham REVEALS What Will Happen If Impeachment Proceeds
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The Democrats just trapped themselves…

On Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) predicted significant gains for Republicans in 2020 if Democrats pursue impeachment.

Host Laura Ingraham asked if former Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony was an effort by Democrats to get “another bite at the apple,” to which Graham warned of consequences for Democrats.

“I think the apple is done,” Graham replied. “Most Americans were looking to Mueller to tell them what happened, not Nadler. Do you think any fair-minded American thinks Nadler is out to get the truth? He’s already convicted the president in his own mind. This is all about impeachment. If they impeach the president over the Mueller report, Trump will get reelected. We’ll take the House and the Senate.”


  1. Stand up Lindsey !!! Stand up to these elitist neo-nazi bullies. Stand up with the TRUTH at your side . Take it to the alphabet propaganda media outlets and rub the TRUTH in their faces till America sees how pestilent these using lying scum of humanity really are. MAGA !!!!!!

  2. When people realize what the Democratic are allowing in our Government with the squad who are very against our Country, Trump will get the votes.
    CA government, Pelosi, Feinstein Walter Harris and Newsom only got voted in because of Nancy’s giving Illegals drivers license and DMV has documents for voting.
    CA Citizens should have access to All government employees tax returns. Harris giving Bob Fulner a sex offender off without Jail time. We don’t need this kind of person in government.
    Crime in my area very bad. Not safe to drive in day time. Streets lined with homeless. Brown was concerned about the straws. Safe zone for free needles, didn’t know who was going to clean up the used needles and garbage. Another health hassard.
    Trump 2020
    Build the wall. We need to be safe.
    I am sure that everyone in government has a wall and security. Obama’s home in Washington DC has a wall. Citizens and legal people deserve to be treated with respect and safe.
    Brown pulled funds from schools for Law Enforcement on campus.
    Newsom stopped volunteer firefighter and County doesn’t have money for fire department. More taxes for working Citizens and legal people.
    More taxes for home owners.
    God Bless Our Country

    1. Nellie spoke of CA and the same way in VA. When Senator Kaine tells us that we don’t need the border because we have 900,000 immigrants in VA and we need to support them. Yes, he wants them to support him with votes because VA was a Red State and after Obama became President it became blue. No the governor says they are in debt and wanting free health insurance, free college, etc for the illegal and yet VA has so many citizens that want to go to college and can’t afford the high cost anymore. The cost of grades 1-12 is so costly with providing for need to change for these illegals and one point during Obama’s reign the public schools provided “prayer room for the Muslim” and many required classes taught about Muslim, yet anything mentioned on Christian holidays were forbidden because it might be offensive. The left has forgotten that free speech is for the right also. When do “we the people” be allowed to vote for santuary cities and counties? They were dictated to us and most citizens don’t even know they live in one until they are effected by murder, break-ins, assults, etc. and those found guilty walk away and continue down the same destructive path of destroying others but to a greater force! If all these Democrats were attacked, then maybe they would wake up?????

      1. Bonnie, welcome to the Elitist Neo-nazis SOCIETY !!! IT’S THE SAME EGYPT, ROMAN all the way up to Germany, it’s what Elitist Neo-nazis do while society ekes out a bare existence they live the good life in their ivory towers. It’s what happens when mentally demented people slide by in a capitalistic environment.

    1. We need to just get rid of the head of the snake–Pelosi, Schumer, the declared Democratic candidates for President. The, begin a list with Nadler and Shifty Schift, Maxine Waters, most of the Chairmen & Chairwomen of the Committees. All of them are guilty of devoting more time to liberal anti-Trump issues, while ignoring the business of the people. They should be more concerned with securing our borders, keeping the debt down.

  3. nasty NADLER & shifty SCHIFF are cowardly disgraceful Representatives, They are the reason American Jews are “fleeing’ the Dem party

  4. Trump will win in 2020! Period.
    This dog and pony show that the demoncrats keep displaying has become hilarious. Fortunately the greater part of American citizens are smart enough to see through their boring P&D show. I see a landslide victory coming for our country and our future generations.

    1. Hasn’t their party name been changed to “The Demonrats Party” – ever since they showed their true colors????????????????

      1. Hasn’t anyone ever wondered why the JACK ASS is the symbol of the Democratic Party? Guess no one has to wonder because that’s what they all are….JACK ASS’S, DONKEY’S, WHICH THE DICTORARY SAYS IS ‘DOMESTIC ASS’S’. TRUE STATEMENT.

  5. Trump will Not be impeached, the commies have never really said exactly why, and if they ever do, it will be a weak excuse, or another made-up Lie. Something THEY Fabricated from lowlife rumors.

  6. I hope the delusional Dems either go thru with their impeachment threat or keep talking about it right up to the 2020 elections because it most definitely exposes their delusional hatred of Pres Trump and show the American public that their entire premise of impeachment is being used as nothing more then a political weapon and it will cost them big time in the 2020 elections,so Dems as Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character said “Go ahead and make my day” because make no mistake about it if you Dems do go thru with impeachment or keep pushing your Impeachment narrative it will bite you big time in 2020

  7. Nadler and Schiff must have something to hide or they would not keep their impeachment narrative going. I hope the REPUBLICANS ask Mueller some very important questions like Why did he only have DEMOCRATS on his fake investigation team? When did he realize that the DOSSIER was fake? Why didn’t he announce to the public immediately when he found out? Why didn’t Mueller investigate the fake dossier and its beginnings?

  8. Trump should be elected if for no other reason than to clean up Washington, D. C. In all of my 87 years have I witnessed a more Anti American bunch of craziness in. A political party that controls the Congress! Every one of the dems should be tried for crimes against America!

  9. Complete insanity is what is going on in OUR House. Wake up people and send them packing in 2020. All of those who voted to impeach and all of the candidates that raised their hand for free health care for illegals. Vote them out. Stop them from doing any more damage.

  10. Ya Know. I don’t care what President Trump did 30 years ago and I don’t care what these scumbags throw at him now. I’m gonna support him for another 4 years because I want to see what he, AG Barr, and his investigative team uncover about the swamp. I firmly believe that is the main reason that the pos are trying so hard to get Trump out of there. They know he’s getting closer to their crooked crap.

  11. Demon rats are so short sighted of the fact that disdain for them are growing so fast until election time. They will be crying again, throwing a feat that all of them lost even in the lowest level of our government. Demon rats are listening to the biased fake news network. That explains their behavior , that all is well with demon rats , the fake polls and the non stop vicious attack on President Trump. The fake news hates President Trump , but the people are loving him except for the extreme gullible people, low life believing that the freebies these politicians are promising.

  12. Please do, we need Trump for four more years, I really want to see what he can do if he gets re-elected, he has done so much with his first four years, this country is really doing good now, the Democrats are so mad that he has been able to do so much they are bad mouthing him, finding fault with everything he does, even bringing up things that have no bearing on anything he has done. Very sore losers.

  13. Well, we ALL know that the Dimocrats cheat to win, so some sharp eyes better be on the look out for it. And the first time you see somebody telling an illegal how to vote, walk up & smack them upside the head! Lol! Just kidding! Call the cops, complain to everybody that’s working there, & do it LOUD!!! Let’s shut the cheaters down. I don’t agree with putting UN people in there to watch, but, there NEEDS to be watchers at the polling places, & in the rooms where the votes are counted.

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