Liberal Professor Compares Pro Trump Students To THIS
Image credit: ThoughtCo

How did they let him keep his job?

University of Mississippi professor James Thomas is claiming that pro-Trump teenagers are like the Hitler Youth.

Professor James Thomas argued that “MAGA teens are a modern day Hitlerjugend.” Thomas, who faced criticism over the tweet, doubled down earlier this month, arguing that he “meant it.”

“When I said MAGA teens are modern day Hitlerjugend, I meant it. What we’re watching at this rally is the aesthetics of fascism,” Professor Thomas tweeted on July 17.

Professor Thomas, who teaches sociology at the University of Mississippi, almost lost tenure over his controversial tweeting habit.

“Ultimately it was the recommendation of the professor’s institution, the University of Mississippi, that carried the greatest weight in the majority of the Board’s decision to grant tenure to the professor,” a university official wrote.

According to his faculty profile, Professor Thomas’s focuses his research on matters of race, ethnicity, and broader social problems.

  1. The “professor forgot to mention HIS group, The MASKED ANTIFA WHO GO AROUND BEATING UP PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH THEM…………The “Professor is just a COMMUNIST who can’t tell the truth if his life depended upon it.

  2. What a BIGOT !!!!!! This ASSWIPE should be deported. Insurgents are enemies of Democracy and should be JAILED or DEPORTED and this SCUMBAG called himself the insurgent Prof. NAZI’s hilterjugend did group attacks on individuals like the so can anti-protesters in Hendersonville NC did and like the antifa. Third rule of rhetoric is accuse the other side of doing what you are doing before they accuse you. This human dungwad isn’t nearly as smart as his overactive ego leads him to believe. Mississippi should be ashamed of itself. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. They have lived up to every dumb joke ever told. Mississippians should light up the phones at MU and ask them what the f__k is wrong with them and doesn’t Mississippi still belong to the United States of America and stand up for Democracy.

  3. 60 years now, we have cordially despised the liberal dem bloodsucking parasirtical leeches.
    That began to evolve in 2009, now we hate these life forms with a depth and intensity that has no bottom. Civil war i inevitable why are we waiting?

  4. Whatta POS and lunatic…..I wonder just how much HE KNOWS about the hitler youth and Nazi women of the third Reich……
    He needs to be enlightened….

  5. The DemoCommunist Party of America has NO TEACHERS, OR PROFESSORS ONLY PROFESSIONAL PROPAGANDA INDOCTRINATORS This guy is one of them. We should revoke his credentials and Fire his butt. He is part of the problem not solution and does not belong in any Teaching Profession, go teacher your filth in Venezuela or Cuba.

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