Bernie Sanders BEGS To Abolish THIS
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Bernie needs to put his socialist views elsewhere…

Presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made a call to abolish the Electoral College in a tweet to his 9.4 million Twitter followers.

Sanders took to Twitter and wrote “Abolish the Electoral College” in response to an NBC News analysis that theorized that President Trump could win the presidential election in 2020 and lose the popular vote by five million:

This is not the first time Sanders has voiced support for abolishing the current system.

During an appearance at a town hall, Sanders expressed support for abolishing the Electoral College.

“It is hard to defend a system in which we have a president who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, so the answer is yes,” Sanders said.

  1. Typical Democratic move. If Hillary were to have lost buy popular if elections were based on popular vote the Democratic Party and liberals would be insisting on electoral vote. If it’s anything that doesn’t agree with them it’s always wrong.

  2. Hay Bernie the Communist Sanders why don’t you abolish you Millions give more then 1% of your income to Chareties to help the impoverished get back 0o their feet. You have never in your life worked a Real job and now you want the $ 15.00 an hour Minimum wage and will cut the hours of those in your campaign you employ sound like the Normal response from the DemoCommunist Party do as I say not as I do.

  3. The fact that the Bern believes Trump can win the presidency through the electoral college and lose the popular vote by 5 million votes just goes to show that all of the Democrats know that the fix is in. Between the planned voter fraud (the extra millions of illegals here only make Democrat voter fraud easier and they still have all of their dead voters ready to go and finally most of the blue states have their convicts and ex-cons all set to vote) and Google’s ability to cause uninformed people to switch their votes (research shows that in 2016 Google caused a minimum of 2.6 million voters to switch from Trump to Clinton and as many as 10.4 million for a maximum). The problem the Democrats have is that most of the uninformed voters live in blue states, so their votes add to the popular vote but not necessarily the electoral college vote.

  4. You can bet your bottom dollar he also wants to abolish the Constitution. It is the main thing holding him back from making this a Socialist country. They don’t call him crazy Bernie for nothing.

  5. Bumbling Bernie can’t win the election so he wants to change the constitution and abolish the electoral college. The electoral college worked just fine for over 200 years. He is dumb enough to think since he has no chance of winning he might want to change the rules. He is also trying to increase the minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour which would apply to everyone except his campaign workers who work for a lot less. Bernie is one dumb asshole who should drop out and stop wasting time and money trying to win the election which he has no chance of winning. In fact all of the DEMONCRAPS should step aside since none of them stands a chance of winning.

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