MSNBC Host ATTACKS Conservatives, Promotes VIOLENCE
Image credit: Chris Hayes

This is what the left looks up to…

MSNBC host Chris Hayes responded to President Donald Trump’s rally stating that the president’s supporters should be destroyed.

Hayes has been attempting to compares President Trump to dictators like Hitler, Stalin and others since the day he was elected.

And since the chant of “Send her back” was heard at the president’s rally this week Hayes has been relentless in warning that a dictatorship is coming.

“Each part of the coalition has been dealt into the Trump presidency. It is a classic model of corrupt governance.”

“The capo on the top and the many, many bosses below who are given control of their domain to do as they wish,” he said.

“But the base, what does the base get? The folks in that arena. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? They get to chant. They get to revel in their own Americanness and primacy at the expense of others,” he said.

“Trump and now the entire Republican Party and most of the conservative movement realize that is enough for them,” he said.

“It was always roiling rage against them that was on full display in the ‘Send her back’ chants last night,” he said.

“Without that rage and that passion, that enthusiasm and fire in that room, this entire project falls apart.”

“They have shamed themselves too much. The heart of the thing must be ripped out,” he said.”

  1. Once again the guilty pig has squealed first. This geek pisshead is just being a tool for his capos, the multi-billionaires elitist fascist neo-nazis scum that now run the corrupted Democratic party. It’s been their plan since a couple years into the Great Divider Obamie reign that if we stand up to their rhetorical bullying bullshit to call their brainwashed minions to violence. It’s the standard NAZI plane, it’s exactly what they did in Germany. Vote them out in 2020 are you will be shooting them in the streets, it’s the way NAZIS do.

  2. Chris Hayes or who ever you are . it will take a better man then you to rip my heart, just go back to Mamaand whine , we Trump supporters do not care what you think or have to say , if we want to chant , we will chant ,Get over it ,at least we are not walking the streets ,looking for some one to maim or Harm in any way . now shut the hell up, you do not matter !!

  3. Hey Hayes….ever hear of ANTIFA????? THEY are your fascists. God says thou shalt not lie. Yet you lie to millions…(oops, sorry…..big change…make that THOUSANDS (ON A GOOD DAY). How can you look at your ugly mug in the mirror knowing you lie every day to your [shrinking] audience? You poor pitiful excuse for a man. But no worries! We will have our revenge when one of our greatest presidents is re-elected in 2020. I guess it’s no wonder you look and sound like an idiot, huh.

  4. This guy is just another DOUCHEBAG LEFTIST, like Mornin’ “poop in his pants’ Joe. Irrational Madcow and the others who are no more journalists than George Soros and his communist agitators. Thinking people watch this station and analyze what they say very closely and all have their intelligence insulted by their comments. MSNBC is just a PROPAGANDA OUTLET FOR THE CO0MMUNISTS.

  5. I have to admit I have never watched MSNBC, but I’ve heard that it is filled with losers and this guy is the perfect representative for a group of losers. What do Trump’s followers get? Let’s start with better jobs, more jobs, greater wages, better trade deals, a safer and more secure world, someone who actually cares about the rule of law, someone who works hard to make certain that every American gets to participate in the improved economy, a heads up about the “fake news” we will see on CNN and MSNBC (which we really appreciate, because it saves us the time we would waste watching assholes like Mr. Hayes) and yes, he also give us crap we can chant about. He talks about ripping our hearts out-that could be a two way street, except for fact that he has neither a heart nor a brain.

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